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  1. The Bread Guy

    "Maryland Nuclear Engineer and Spouse Arrested on Espionage-Related Charges"

    This from U.S. DOJ ... More in complaint document here (PDF)
  2. The Bread Guy

    Off-shore company selling mortar rounds ending up in ISIS hands?

    Ooopsie .... If link doesn't work, text also attached for purposes of research, private study or education under the Fair Dealing provisions of Canada's Copyright Act.
  3. The Bread Guy

    "I'm. Going. Into. Space. AGAIN!"

    Who SAYS you're too old ....
  4. The Bread Guy

    Herc on Floats for Spec Ops?

    Not the Onion .... More on the idea here.
  5. The Bread Guy

    "In Atlanta, a glimpse of why ‘defund the police’ has faltered"

    Be careful what you wish for - highlights mine ....
  6. The Bread Guy

    IDF 2021 Int'l Women's Day promo video

    "We're not "female" soldiers, we're IDF soldiers." Cleverly done "switcheroo" video - well worth the less than two minutes to watch it.
  7. The Bread Guy

    BGEN (ret'd) John Litt, 1939-2020

    I age myself when I can say I was a young NCO when this guy was the Prairie Militia Area commander out of Thunder Bay.  R.I.P.
  8. The Bread Guy

    New Veterans Ombudsperson Named

    From the VAC info-machine: A bit more of her background in the attached RCEME bio.
  9. The Bread Guy

    Alex Trebek, 1940-2020, R.I.P.

    Another good Sudbury boy gone -- from The Canadian Press ....
  10. The Bread Guy

    Intelligence vs Evidence: A bit more detail ...

    ... via  briefing note obtained (but not shared at this point) by the CBC.  I'll share the briefing note when I can find it via ATIP archives. As much as people want "terror travellers" nailed to the wall in every case and quickly, this seems to explain at least some of the issues at play. A...
  11. The Bread Guy

    milnews.ca => Bread Guy

    Changing user name to Bread Guy
  12. The Bread Guy

    AQ Supported Busted Again After Release

    Someone's not getting the message ...
  13. The Bread Guy

    22 Jul 2020: AB RCMP lays terror charges after 7 yr probe

    This from the RCMP .... More from CBC, Global and The Canadian Press.
  14. The Bread Guy

    21 Feb 2020: Police allege terrorism in fatal hammer attack

    This from the Toronto Police Service as of this past Saturday ... ... with this from the attached joint TPS-RCMP news release ... ... and this from MSM:
  15. The Bread Guy

    NDP MP seeks to remove self-harm as CAF offence

    More at link -- more on the private member's bill C-203 (contents, where it's at, etc.) here.
  16. The Bread Guy

    "Russian Church mulls stop to practice of blessing nukes"

    This from France's wire service ... ... with more details in the attached church documents (in Google English and in Russian), and in this story from last summer: