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  1. daftandbarmy

    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    There's also the 'Constitutional Monarchy' thing :)
  2. daftandbarmy

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    You mean: 'That point in time where I first was embarrassed to be a soldier.' Yes, I remember. And no, there were no Somalia files in OC A Coy's Office at the armoury in New Westminster. :)
  3. daftandbarmy

    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    Typically Continental European .... some very fuzzy lines drawn between democracy and totalitarianism :)
  4. daftandbarmy

    Happy St Crisipin's day

    'Flowing Cups, freshly remembered!'
  5. daftandbarmy

    Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis

    And then you've got the Premier taking on one of the Victoria City Council members for being anti-Police.... "My thoughts on that individual are not printable. I will say that I spoke with Mayor Helps today and assured her I do not view the city council in Victoria as a mirror image of Mr...
  6. daftandbarmy

    Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis

    About 30% are unavailable due to job related stress issues, apparently.
  7. daftandbarmy

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    Who cares, as long as we call them 'Corvettes' and cover them in dazzle-flage :)
  8. daftandbarmy

    Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis

    From last August... and it's getting worse: Victoria now among most dangerous cities in Canada Once-placid Victoria sees fourth-highest spike in crime severity index, bucking a trend that saw reported crimes plunge nearly 10 per cent from a year earlier across Canada Victoria, characterized...
  9. daftandbarmy

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    i Conveniently, some of those crimes committed by RCMP members are listed here :) List of controversies involving the Royal Canadian Mounted Police https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_controversies_involving_the_Royal_Canadian_Mounted_Police
  10. daftandbarmy

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    'Littoral' seems a popular term these days. Maybe we should try to keep up with the Joneses down south :) The littoral combat ship (LCS) is a set of two classes of relatively small surface vessels designed for operations near shore by the United States Navy. It was "envisioned to be a...
  11. daftandbarmy

    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    No CO of any Reserve unit has the time, bandwidth or resources for that kind of reaching out, in my experience anyways. They tend to live in a world of belt fed emails with various urgent requirements, only about half of which seem relevant to their assigned tasks. It's all they can do to...
  12. daftandbarmy

    1997, 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Freedom of the City, Calgary, Ab

    Take the buckle off the belt before polishing... or else :)
  13. daftandbarmy

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    Landlubber question: Is that like....
  14. daftandbarmy

    US, NATO Outta Afghanistan 2021

    My guess is that they/ we will continue to muddle through. The militaries of the Rich North have grown a bit too fond of realtively low risk/consequence 'war tourism' in the Poor South, IMHO: NATO Futures: Three Trajectories Trajectory 1 (Baseline): Muddling Through OVERVIEW NATO endures and...
  15. daftandbarmy

    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    Based on China's apparent goals of exploiting existing internal divisions, I assume they're being confused by all the choices they have in targettign Canada :) Pro-China misinformation operation attempting to exploit US Covid divisions, report says...
  16. daftandbarmy

    Defending Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

    Over the past couple of decades the Reserves have already responded, admirably apparently, to a variety of OP LENTUS type domestic response operations. There are always improvements that can be made, but are you sure we're not trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist... much?
  17. daftandbarmy

    Director of photography killed, movie director injured after Alec Baldwin discharged prop firearm

    The Infantry can get it wrong too, of course. When you carry a rifle 24/7 some people can get complacent, and only good leadership (up to and including 'being a dick') can cure that. EXCLUSIVE: Eight British troops shot 'by accident' at army bases in the last 12 months Incidents happened at...
  18. daftandbarmy

    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    Unless you want to consider the Canadian Rangers as a kind of Infantry, I guess. The Rangers' brand is so strong if we wanted to expand community engagement in sovereignty patrols it would make sense to build on that successful model, and stand up more units, than creating something else from...
  19. daftandbarmy

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    #awesomephraseoftheday ;)