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    "Soldiers Rules" - Still a current thing?

    Question for those still in. I'm taking a course on the international law of armed conflict, and was looking up the status quo in CAF. I remember when I got in that there was a simple 'soldier's rules', a nice, easy, plainly worded, infantry-proof list of simple rules that would keep you out of...
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    Post Secondary Degrees and Economics

    That's a curious claim, and not one borne out by the facts. Stats Can has some good data on this kind of stuff, feel free to play around with the stats table at https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/t1/tbl1/en/cv.action?pid=3710019801. This is for the class of 2015. Proportion of postsecondary graduates...
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    The Great Reset theory, split from the Liberal Minority Government 2019 - ????

    Indeed. “The Great Reset” is the internet’s latest sloppy slurp of the school bus window. Just another thing for those huddled in echo chambers to be afraid of. https://www.bbc.com/news/55017002
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    Vienna - Complex attack / active shooters Nov 2nd 2020

    2020-11-02, Vienna Austria. Multiple shooters, multiple locations. This is still ongoing. What I can tell so far: - Massive police operation underway in Vienna - Lots of video snippets on Twitter, including one of waht may have been the start of the shooting with a person shot with a long arm...
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    2021 Census to include Veteran identifier

    BLUF: There is no solid data on how many vets we have and where. The 2021 Census will include a question for each Canadian, "Have you ever served in the Canadian military?" This will help to better allocated program funding and resources,a nd to understand where veterans are physically...
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    US orders closure of Chinese consulate in Houston.

    The tit for tat in the wake of the public revelations of Chinese state-sponsored cyber attacks continues... This is a big one though. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53497193
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    CPC Leadership Discussion 2020-21

    Figured I might as well get this ball rolling. Raitt lost her seat. MacKay and Ambrose are both presently out of federal politics, understandably it would have been uncouth for either to have even hinted at a leadership run prior to the election. I’m assuming we’ll see a fairly durable...
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    Updated VAC benefits policy for Sexual Trauma Survivors

    Bottom Line Up Front: VAC benefits are now easier to access for survivors of sexual trauma connected to their service. Details: Due to the recent settlement of a sexual harassment/assault lawsuit by military vets, VAC has amended a number of their policies to add new sections on sexual trauma...
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    Who does what in policing?/Pressures (split fm BC Murder thread)

    Almost entirely bang on with the exception of this part. The RCMP are also the provincial police in the contracted provinces. This includes functioning as municipal police for several cities with 100k+ population, and many in the five figures. They also provide district or provincial level teams...
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    Operation LENTUS – Domestic Operations 2018 - current [Merged]

    Reviving the disaster assistance thread. Looks like Quebec has called in the army for the flooding that’s about to happen in the Gatineau area and elsewhere. Nice to see they aren’t waiting til it’s been underwater for a week already this time. I’ve not seen details yet on call outs, but I...
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    Best practices for documenting traumatic exposure?

    So a conversation with a buddy a while back got me to wondering about how we as a military keep track of the operationally routine exposure to heinous stuff that guys will see. BLUF, I'm looking to know if we have / what are our best practices for documenting such things in a manner that allows...
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    New C7 PAM?

    Rumours have reached my ears that there is a new C7 PAM either in draft or published form floating around that has modernized various aspects of weapons handling to harmonize with what is getting taught for the Quick Aim Shooting portion of the CFOSP. This is very relevant to something I'm...
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    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    Mercedes Stephenson from CTV is reporting that VCDS Adm. Norman has been 'relieved of military duties' by the CDS, and that the head of the navy will fill in VCDS. Little further yet. Anyone got any word on this? - mod edit to add year to thread title -
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    28 Nov 16- CF-18 crash, Cold Lake - Pilot Killed

    Just breaking, a CF-18 went down over Cold Lake. Condition of the pilot unknown, active SAR believed in progress. 417 Sqn working to secure the crash site. http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/politics/cf-18-fighter-jet-crashes-near-cold-lake-1.3180360
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    Presentations from October 2016 VAC Stakeholders Summit

    The presentations from the VAC Stakeholder summit a couple weeks ago are now posted. You can now see what the six different ministerial advisory groups presented to the minister and department as suggestions on the various portfolios. The groups are Policy (penefits), MEntal Health, Service...
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    15 Jul 2016: Attempted Coup in Turkey + Aftermath

    Sporadic news reports about a coup underway in Ankara. An acquaintance on the ground confirms something's up, troops garrisoning both bridges across the Bosporous, F-16s low overhead. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube blocked. Anyone got anything more solid? - mod edit to bring thread title into...
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    CAF serving members and vets peer support: Veteran Well Being Networks list

    NATIONAL LIST OF VETERAN WELL BEING NETWORKS: Below is a list of all the VWBNs across Canada now that most of the country is covered. They're a simple concept; groups of serving CAF members or vets networked into regional groups. Though most are named for army reserve brigades, that's just...
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    Regional Soldiers / Veterans well being networks

    I'm posting this to host links to regional soldiers / veterans well being networks that are popping up. About a year back Col. Brock Millman, commander of 31 Canadian Brigade Group (Ontario south and west of the GTA) started a soldiers/veterans network online for his brigade and the area it...
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    FATS range serials- Anyone got a collection?

    So I finally managed to monkey/typewriter my way to familiarity with operating our FATS range and with basic lanes authoring (I think we have version 4... Whatever the old one is). Now, having begun to really grasp what an immense pain in the dangly bits it is to put range practices together...
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    Software on the DWAN for org charts?

    I've been asked to look into building a graphical org chart of our unit- basically map symbols as a heading for each sub and sub-sub unit, with the list of names in the section/det beneath each symbol, and branching into subordinate callsigns. Is anyone aware of a program on the DWAN that would...