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    Backpacking tents

    Anyone have experience with lightweight tents? I've been thinking of this for non-tactical, no one cares type exercises.
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    New brown Mk IVs coming?

    Seems Royer was just awarded a contract for 40,000 pairs boots, which look an awful lot like the old Mark IV in brown with the sole from the zipper boot...
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    No plan for Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal

    There are currently no plans to issue a Canadian version of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee Medal. There is a petition sponsored by Chery Gallant, member for Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke, which is open until August 7 for signatures...
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    'It's not what it looks like' — Ottawa man caught with pants down in pony stall

    Whatever it looked like, police told him to put his pants on. Author of the article:Gary Dimmock Publishing date: Jul 21, 2021 When police found the intruder at the Ottawa stables, he was in a stall with his pants down and his penis up, standing next to a miniature pony that had been tied up...
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    Had an interview with CN

    I had an interview with CN for a conductor position the other day. It went well, but near the end they asked if I would release from the army, and when I said no they said they would not be moving forward with my file. Is that legal? It doesn't feel right for some reason.
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    Former reservist stripped of Order of Military Merit for wearing medals he was never awarded

    cbc.ca/news/politics/medals-expelled-military-merit-1.6024218 It's only the third time in almost 50 years someone has been expelled from the order Elizabeth Thompson · CBC News · Posted: May 13, 2021 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: May 13 He served for more than three decades with the armed forces...
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    Hearing protection recommendations

    I was thinking of Howard Leight noise cancelling earmuffs because I heard they fit under the issued helmet. But I've heard there's better options. Any recommendations?