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    Hi everyone, I couldn't find a category for DND Civilian recruitment, so I put it here. I was hoping to get some information on what the recruitment process for DND Civilian employees is like. I have an interview in a few days in Ottawa for a role I have applied to about 7 months ago. The...
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    Hello fellow readers/contributors, Joining the Air Force is one of my options right now as I am on the verge of finishing school  ;D (THANK THE LORD). I was wondering is the Air Force had minimum or maximum height restrictions. I'm about 6 feet 1 inch which translate into about 183CM, would my...
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    Joining communications reserves

    Hey, I'm gonna be turning 16 soon and my question is can I join the communications reserves in Toronto at this age, and what do communications reservists do other than signals? Thanks in advance  :) Steve
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    Anyone from Mississauga

    Hi, I applied from the ROTP program and I was just wondering if there is anyone from Mississauga,ON who applied for RMC ROTP program for 2011-2012. Thanks  :D