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  1. Leo791989

    New PT Test Requirements...Ramblings

    well it depends guys..for some push ups are easy.for me running is easy..cos i've been doin it for over 10 yrs now..long distance running and x-country running is what i've done all my life...now push ups might seem easier to you but not to me. Journeyman yes the time is correct 28:12:32 and...
  2. Leo791989

    MOC options

    I gotta question to all the gents and ladies here. In your application if you put down 3 MOC options...how does it work..u get considered for only your first choice or u get offers for both second and third as well Thanks
  3. Leo791989

    MARS Officer

    Any Current or former MARS officers here. I am interested in this MOC and would like to know few things about this trade. Thank You
  4. Leo791989

    BMQ June 24 onwards!

    Anyone aware of BMQ dates for this year. I know the ones upto June 24th. How about after that? Thanks
  5. Leo791989

    Flight Simulator

    Wondering if any of you have any info on the Microsoft Flight Simulator software. Is it worth buying the CH rudder pedals? I have bought the software and don't have any accessories yet to practice for my ACS in 2 weeks. Any info?
  6. Leo791989

    Air Crew Selection May 8-12 2006

    Hi there, I was wondering if it's possible to get some insight on the ACS simulation test. I gotta call today and am booked for May 8-12th this year. 1. Is it hard? Do I need to practice on Microsoft Flight Simulator or it's better to go to a Flying School and practice in one of their...