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  1. Colin Parkinson

    US Army equipment depot video

    We could fully re-equip the Canadian Army from this one depot. I spotted some M109/Paladins which we sure could use. Nice to see a group dedicated to saving the government money.
  2. Colin Parkinson

    USN observer of the RN 1940-1941

    For those of you that love history here is the observations of a USN observer on a variety of RN ships, including HMS Hood. It's a lot of reading, but some interesting stuff in it. On his Majesty's service : observations of the British home fleet from the diary, reports, and letters of Joseph H...
  3. Colin Parkinson

    AIS and GPS spoofing creating circles

    While I think the RCN and RCAF are likely ready for a loss of GPS (I hope the USN is as well) I suspect the loss of GPS/AIS will really play havoc with the various merchant fleets, who many do not have the crew or the training to watchkeep without it. Also will have greater impacts as unmanned...
  4. Colin Parkinson

    If you are a bit nutty about ships (battleships in this case) and getting deep into them, then this is a channel for you.

    His presentation style gets a bit of getting used particularly in his early videos, but he loves his job and will take you into places few people have been on these ships.
  5. Colin Parkinson

    Stephen Harper joined ex-spymasters in company investing in Israeli security tech

    Well that would be most interesting, I wonder how much one makes investing into security technology? https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/stephen-harper-fadden-israel-awz-cybersecurity-1.5989054 Former prime minister Stephen Harper is working with former leaders of three major intelligence...
  6. Colin Parkinson

    Italian Navy, will conduct its first trials with the F-35B Lightning II stealth fighter

    As it is a niche aircraft I think the F35B will be around for a very long time Following its Atlantic crossing, the aircraft carrier Cavour, the flagship of the Italian Navy, will conduct its first trials with the F-35B Lightning II stealth fighter. Italy will become the third nation to begin...
  7. Colin Parkinson

    Navy Officer Under Scrutiny for Letter Disparaging Enlisted Sailors as ‘Deviants’ and ‘Perverts’

    Career answers full stop! You can bet his subordinates just love working for this guy. TOKYO -- An officer at Yokosuka Naval Base is under investigation for purportedly writing a complaint to the base housing office about the "deviant nature" of enlisted sailors who pose a danger to his family...
  8. Colin Parkinson

    Houthi Rebels Unveil Host of Weaponry

    Not sure hw much is real, but likely most are, although capability claims may be exaggerated. Nevertheless they have managed to hit distant infrastructure, attack a moving Fastcat and flown a suicide drone into a LAV. I would say that Canada would be ill-equipped to deal with the Houthi...
  9. Colin Parkinson


    A very close call for everyone involved, thing the pilot kept their cool and landed safely. Realistic training is important, but I suspect there will be some hard questions asked about this incident...
  10. Colin Parkinson

    Google earth based map of radio stations with broadcast

    Listen to radio stations around the world, very neat site http://radio.garden/visit/nuuk/p61CzVsL
  11. Colin Parkinson

    A new way to inspect a ship

    Pretty amazing tech and that the imagery and command and control of the drone can work in that environment is impressive. Seems like a good way to assess a damaged ship without risking a crew member.
  12. Colin Parkinson

    The Royal Canadian Navy - Sinking you, but politely

    Drachinifel does a brief history of the Royal Canadian Navy from it's origins to the end of WW2.
  13. Colin Parkinson

    Goodbye, Michael Jones, the man who gave the power of maps in our hands

    I can remember the first time I used Google Earth, I was utterly blown away, the ability to see anywhere on earth in detail. Free to use. There had never been anything like it before, it revolutionized my work, the way I get around, it affects everyone on the planet whether they know or not. All...
  14. Colin Parkinson

    The Guns of the Regiment

    From the Vancouver Gunners page The Guns of the Regiment Doug Knight has written a detailed history of the guns used by The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery since its earliest days. The book is illustrated with a history and specifications of each model of gun and includes all the ordnance...
  15. Colin Parkinson

    What makes a good officer, a Irish/American view

    Nick (aka The Chieftain) speaks to the key elements of being an officer and what it means
  16. Colin Parkinson

    The story of Broadside Cartoons about the USN and USMC

    Always loved military cartoons, enjoy and I am sure some will relate to your experiences
  17. Colin Parkinson

    UH-60 With The M-139 Volcano Mine Delivery System

    Interesting that they see the need again for this type of capability, not that i am saying they are wrong, but sure feels like Cold War 2.0...
  18. Colin Parkinson

    U.S. Dept. of Defense Releases List of 5 “Trusted” Drone Options

    This effects civilian and non-operational military drone use on DOD property. A lot of the commercially available drones used by contractors and such were banned for fear of data harvesting by the Chinese. Mapping by drones using LIDAR is becoming a major component of civil infrastructure...
  19. Colin Parkinson

    Military Civics: The Many Armies of the United States

    There are just shy of a hundred official land component military organizations in the United States of America, each with their own unique legal structure and chain of command. A video by The Chieftain. It's enough to make one drink....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAsZz_f-DUA
  20. Colin Parkinson

    Hannibal's Elephant Army - The New Evidence

    DaftandBarmy this is for you, Be a nice retirement stroll for you.  ;D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7yb7ATtcRI