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  1. Mike Bobbitt

    Site Administration Site upgrade, please report problems

    Folks, completed a minor upgrade to the site this morning. If you notice any issues please report them here! Thanks Mike
  2. Mike Bobbitt

    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    Folks, I am very happy to welcome you to the new Army.ca! You will notice a lot of changes, most for the better, and some we will have to work through. For the techies in the group, we have migrated away from using Simple Machines to using XenForo. The former was a great foundation, but was...
  3. Mike Bobbitt

    ACTION REQUIRED: Major Upgrade Coming

    Folks, I am planning to attempt a major forum upgrade in the coming days. The upgrade will swap out much of the software we use in an effort to simplify and modernize the site. In order to head off problems, I need everyone to do two quick things: [list type=decimal] Confirm your registered...
  4. Mike Bobbitt

    Army.ca Wiki Editors Wanted

    All, A few years back, we added a Wiki to Army.ca, and many members contributed to its content: https://army.ca/wiki Recent changes in the forum and mediawiki software packages have made seamless login from one to the other impossible, and so the Wiki contents have stagnated. I am looking for...
  5. Mike Bobbitt

    Changes to the Politics Boards

    Folks, While much of the discussion occurring in the Canadian and Global Politics boards is great, we are finding that a disproportional amount of our moderating effort is being spent there. After a great deal of consideration and consultation with the Staff, I have made two simple changes to...
  6. Mike Bobbitt

    Mobile View

    Folks, Although it doesn't have the Army.ca green (yet), Mobile view is available. To switch back and forth, use the following: Mobile View Desktop View Note, mobile view does not look good on a desktop. Try it on your phone. :)
  7. Mike Bobbitt

    How to engage in political discourse on Army.ca

    Please see: https://army.ca/forums/threads/127903.0.html
  8. Mike Bobbitt

    How to engage in political discourse on Army.ca

    Folks, BLUF/TL;DR: All old threads are locked. Rules of conduct will be strictly enforced. Repeat offenders of any stripe will be barred from the Political forums. You may notice that all existing threads in the Canadian Politics and Global Politics boards are now locked. After review with the...
  9. Mike Bobbitt

    Licensing Violations - Air-Force.ca

    Folks, Last week I received word that there are crown copyrights on Army.ca and Navy.ca. Air-Force.ca is not affected due to the addition of the hyphen. Unfortunately starting in April we are legally unable to use the other sites and their proprietary colour schemes, so moving forward we will...
  10. Mike Bobbitt

    Milestones in 2018

    Folks, This year (the 25th year that Army.ca has been online), we are set to hit 1.5 million posts before calendar year-end. We are also likely to break 50,000 days of accumulated time spent online for all registered users (this does not include time guests spend browsing the site). We are...
  11. Mike Bobbitt

    Army.ca Server Availability

    Folks, for the first time in a long time, good news. According to our monitoring tools, Army.ca had 100% uptime in December. That means that for the entire month of December, the server was never unavailable.* For the keeners in the group, our monitoring report from 30 Nov to now is attached...
  12. Mike Bobbitt

    Army.ca Christmas Message 2017

    I wanted to take this opportunity to wish our visitors a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope this time finds you with loved ones and some time to unwind and relax. It has been an eventful year at Army.ca, with some significant server upgrades, important security improvements, and of...
  13. Mike Bobbitt

    Increased site security

    Folks, A quick note to let you know that all sites (Army.ca, Navy.ca, Air-Force.ca, and Milner.ca) now default to secure mode using SSL. This change means that email addresses, passwords, posts, etc. are encrypted in transit between your decvice and my server. If you have any problems please...
  14. Mike Bobbitt

    MOVED: The MEGA Political Cartoon Thread

    This topic has been moved to Global Politics. https://Army.ca/forums/threads/123289.0
  15. Mike Bobbitt

    MOVED: U.S. Politics 2017 (split fm US Election: 2016)

    This topic has been moved to Global Politics. https://Army.ca/forums/threads/125056.0
  16. Mike Bobbitt

    Site Outage, 19 Jul 2017

    Folks, unfortunately the site was down for a few hours this morning due to a server upgrade that introduced some serious issues. The problem has been resolved and we are back up as of a few minutes ago. Thanks for your patience. Cheers Mike
  17. Mike Bobbitt

    Canada 150 at Army.ca

    Folks, A few fairly minor updates for Canada's 150th: Everyone has some subscriber rights for the long weekend, including no ads! The red menu You can select an all red Canada theme here Double MilPoints! Have a happy (and safe) Canada Day all! Cheers Mike
  18. Mike Bobbitt

    Announcement: Scott as Army.ca Chief of Staff

    Folks, It is with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Scott as Army.ca's "Chief of Staff". While this is the first appointment of it's kind in Army.ca's history, the plan is to create and fill a number of other roles for key personnel. As CoS, Scott has agreed to take on the following...
  19. Mike Bobbitt

    Welcome New Army.ca Staff

    All, It is with pleasure that I introduce the new Staff roster for Army.ca (sorted by ID#, not importance): Harris recceguy Infanteer Kyle Burrows Scott PuckChaser Good2Golf milnews.ca kratz Loachman Jaydub MAJONES Humphrey Bogart mariomike BeyondTheNow Buck_HRA You will see an even mix of...
  20. Mike Bobbitt

    C7 PWT 2/3 Aide Memoire

    Folks, I just realized that the attachments had been stripped out of my previous [very old] post on the C7 PWT 2/3. Attached are the aide memoire docs I made a few years ago. When printed the doc can be folded in thirds, then in half to easily fit into a pocket. PDF and Word attached in case...