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  1. dangerboy

    Executive Officer of HMCS Kingston relieved of her duties

    Relief of Duties for Member Deployed on Operation REASSURANCE – Maritime Task Force - Canada.ca
  2. E

    Trying to appeal

    Hi! I am a 17 year old trying to apply to the CAF. I did my aptitude test and qualified for the trade i wanted, did the interview and my medical. during the medical i had mention i sometimes have occasional headaches and had suicidal ideation when i was 12-13. i had to get some forms signed by...
  3. E

    How capable is the RCN?

    I came across this article which partly talks about the Turkish maritime capability and some issues in the region: https://www.forbes.com/sites/pauliddon/2020/08/13/turkey-is-up-against-some-formidable-navies-in-the-eastern-mediterranean/ If I am not mistaken, Op Reassurance places the RCN...