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CFAT Rewrite


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Jarnhamar said:
You shouldn't cross your fingers and hope for the best.

If you didn't qualify for any trade that is a very low score. It's pretty bad dude. But it's not the end of the world. You should take PMedMoe's advice and consider some serious academic upgrading and do your best to qualify for as many trades as you can.

You might spend a few years as an armored crewman but then want to try something else.

A close friend of mine, like you, failed to qualify for any trade. He did some academic upgrading and became a police officer (which is a much higher bar than the CAF I'd say).

There's some apps you can download to help too.
I know, since I’m only in the 11th grade I can use it to improve my problem solving skills. I’ve already researched some guides and practice material (Police guides were recommended) in which will help me and of course go deeper, more or less I have a lot of time to prepare myself.