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Ukraine - Superthread

How to quell mobs and clear ships' holds circa 1947 - Mk1 Entrenching Tool Handle.

Ask if the individual wishes to move or stay.
If they move the move unmolested.
If they stay they are directed out of the line with a firm directional prod to the belly.
Once the numbers are thinned repeat the question and answer session
Then repeat again
And again.

Barrel wear initially leads to reduced accuracy, which means you have to fire more rounds to hit your target. Ineffectually hammering a grid square is more wasted effort than value. Eventually, barrel wear can see catastrophic barrel failure in which the gun will be lost and the crew will probably take casualties.
Like this? 20220724_140212.jpg
You Okay. My question is, who owns the drone filming this and if it was a Russian one, why was it there and zeroing in on this tower just as a "loitering munition" comes in.

Coincidence I Think Not GIF


You mean the Klingon LAM? Obviously it was cloaked.
If you’ve been following the daily updates from UK’s MoD Intelligence, you may enjoy this article that is based on an interview with the out-going chief of defence intelligence.

Summer holidays ending early in Crimea

Explosions at the rail junction / airfield of Dzhankoi

For the record - the nearest Maiske I can find in the Dzhankoi vicinity is 18 km away - according to Google Earth.

This was Dzhankoi before the event.

And in the Simferopol district

Well this will certainly help to ensure Russia supports the grain deal

and this will help Ukraine GDP a bit.
Well this will certainly help to ensure Russia supports the grain deal

and this will help Ukraine GDP a bit.
Hope the crews get a pay bonus. I don't think I would want to be on those ships

Trusting the Russians to honour an agreement is a gamble. If that convoy comes out and they want to send a message......
True, but Russia is in a tough spot, if they attack international flagged vessels carrying foodstuffs away from the conflict zone as per a agreement from all parties, that's going to cost them a lot of support from their already tepid allies and will make Russian propaganda harder to promote. Russia needs to ship their grain as well, both for the money, but also the support from Africa and the ME.
The US has called for immediate ceasefire and Russian evacuation of the plant, - and a NATO TF to protect it until hostilities end.
The UN Sec Gen has also called for Russia to abandon the plant.
Do you have a source for thst statement?