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Hey Nick, we should connect. I am in my final year of law school and currently going through the recruitment process for the reserves.
Oh hey! That would be super. I'm in Toronto; where are you located?
Finished Bold Eagle program this summer! Now I wait to hear back from the regiment I wish to join.

I noticed that your processing is going through CFRC Halifax, mine too. My applicant portal just changed to 'Selected' as well, but I have not received any information. I assume an offer is coming soon, but have to be patient for now. Have you heard anything from the Recruiting Centre in the last few days?

I have 2 weeks until I isolate for a week and then go. Now that it's actually happening its scary how quickly it's coming lol.
That’s very quick!

I have a friend that just completed the LOG O course and due to the pandemic, it was completely online. That’s good news! You should be able to complete your LOG O training pretty quickly after BMOQ.

best of luck and please keep in touch and let me know how everything is going!
Best of luck to you guys

I was wondering how long you waited to be selected from CL. I am currently on competition list in April 2021 and have not heard since then.
Hello Thatoneguy! I have a question for you I'm going to Air crew Selection soon, and I was wondering if you could give me some insight on what to expect and how to best prepare? Do I have to do tough math in my head? Any pointers would help! Thanks!!
I am not sure what I am doing here. Trying to dispel the load of crap that was the CBC article. My post seems to have been deleted and I assume the asshat that runs this site wants money. I put a lot into what I posted and its gone. The guy that runs this site is a censure. If info can't be forwarded freely I won't bother with enlightening anyone to facts.
Mike Bobbitt
Mike Bobbitt
I am that asshat, and still waiting for a response to the private message sent to you regarding your post right after it was put on hold. All good, I now have my answer, so response no longer required.